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Forex Assassin - Review

Forex Assassin is a price-driven trading system that uses no other variables as a part of it's strategy - traders don't have to monitor the market, deal with indicators or configure complicated trading scripts or software.

Very similar to Forex Trading Machine (by Avi Frister), Forex Assassin is a very specific trading system where the trader need only look for certain conditions that, when met, warrant a pre-defined set of actions that will consistently generate profitable trades.

The primary advantage of this kind of system is that there's no thinking, tweaking or "emotion" in the equation. The trader simply looks for a condition and then follows the Forex Assassin blueprint.

This is the ideal "paint by numbers" trading system - if it works.

So let's take a closer look...

Forex Assassin At a Glance:

Forex Killer
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ForexShortcuts Rates This Product:


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Go to the Official Forex Assassin Site

Or continue reading for our full review...

What It Claims to Do:

Because Forex Assassin is purely a price-driven system, it's a much easier trading strategy to follow and lends itself beginners (as well as experienced traders).

Again, similar to Forex Trading Machine, the Forex Assassin method is designed for people who have limited time to monitor their trading. Their website claims that it's truly "set and forget", to the point where a trader can spend just a few minutes setting up a trade on the weekend and then just let it ride...

More specifically, here's what Forex Assassin "is", and how it works:

• Price-driven trading system based on pre-determined "trading zones", where the trader simply looks for certain conditions to be met, and when they are, a pre-determined trade is executed.

• "Set and Forget" due to the price-driven trading model

• Allegedly works with any currency pair, in any country, with any broker

• The entire trading system, blueprint and trading help documentation is contained within a downloadable package that includes: a 50-page step-by-step guide for using the trading system, a short guide on how to start "paper-trading" (using a forex simulator), sample trading plans, and the "Forex Assassin" formula for generating accurate predictions based on price data of a given currency pair.

So it's not software, but it is a specific trading system that a trader can follow - brainlessly - and allegedly profit repeatedly just by emulating the Forex Assassin formula. Thinking, market watching and decision-making not required...

But does the system work?

What It Actually Does:

Our thorough research into actual consumer performance testing/results has shown that Forex Assassin is a consistently profitable strategy that indeed caters to the "casual" trader - someone who loves the idea of earning extra monthly cash just by executing a 10-minute effort (setting up a trade) on an idle Sunday afternoon...

However - this is an entry-level strategy that might not be ideal for full-time traders, due to the relatively low-end pips generated by this more "reliable" sort of trading


Forex Assassin might not exactly "assassinate" the forex market with record-breaking pips, but it does make for a very reliable option for earning profits consistently - perfect for beginners.

And as the Forex Assassin website encourages itself, the only thing you'll stand to potentially lose by trying it is at the most an hour or two of educational time...

Simply paper-trade the system with a demo account to see that (or if) it works, and if for some reason it doesn't - then you haven't lost any actual funds, AND, you can return the product as per their no-risk guarantee, if you wish.

But if you're like most traders who use Forex Assassin, you'll likely find it to be a sure bet for turning capital into profit with very little skill or effort required.

Forex Killer
The "box image" displayed above is the property of and its respective owners.

You can download your own copy of Forex Assassin here >>


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